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We help develop your culture, customer engagement and community. Across all platforms and media.

To build a lovable brand, you need to start by telling an engaging and compelling story about its true essence and purpose. We work with you to mine deep and define your core brand values and unique qualities, reinforce your brand culture, and develop a meaningful and authentic story. Then we create communications that touch people's hearts as well as appeal to their logic, to create a connection and build brand love.

The four stages of our branding process

Emotions are more important than facts

What is your brand’s purpose? What does it stand for? Why should someone choose your brand over brand XYZ? Great branding is first about creating an emotional connection with your customer.


When engaging with consumers, emotions trump facts. But that’s not to say facts aren’t important too. They are, but should typically play a supporting role.


A deeper level of connection fuels a stronger brand experience, making it so much easier to build trust, inspire people, secure enduring relationships... and turn your customers into brand advocates. In other words, it’s the path to creating brand love.



Conformity is boring

Be clever, be rebellious. Be emotive. Just please dare to be different. Conformity is brand death. Rock the status quo, make some noise, and celebrate what makes you unique.


Create a unique experience for your customers. With so many similar competing products and services, a key differentiator should be in the experience you provide.


Own your identity from your logo, tagline, tone of voice, marketing materials, to how you connect and engage through social media.



Be authentic... really authentic

Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” What is your core truth? Being authentic is more than simply positioning your brand or filling a gap in the market – it is about defining its true purpose. Your purpose determines the path you take your business in the world, and the culture and community you build along the way. Your story needs to be authentic, and that authenticity is the foundation to developing a unique brand positioning. But here’s the thing, the word ‘authentic’ is too freely used these days, and the consumer isn’t a fool. You need to truly believe in what you say and do, and stand behind it at every touchpoint, including staff interaction and customer service. If you do, you build trust, create a value-added brand, and loyal followers and supporters.




Our integrated holistic approach across all media, and range of services, results in a seamless process and substantial return on investment.



Brand strategy and consulting

Communication/Marketing strategy

Social media strategy



Competitive & comparative analysis

Brand expression & positioning

Naming & logo design

Brand identity design



Digital marketing

Packaging & point of purchase

Product & promotional literature

Media planning & buying



Custom Content Development

Video production

Content creation

Branded content

Custom publishing

Writing & Editing

Editorial design





Starting a new business?

Building or refreshing a brand?


To start the ball rolling with some solid branding and marketing advice, and to help you find some direction and inspiration, you can book a one hour Discovery Session with Brand Strategist and Creative Director Simon Burn.


Topics covered include:


Brand positioning


Brand identity


Social media and digital marketing, including the platforms to use and how to use them effectively


The importance of creating custom branded content


How to put a brand-building plan in place to move forward, and the stages involved


In-person sessions are available within Toronto, GTA, and Caledon. Skype sessions are also available.


One hour consultation – $200


Create some brand love, book your Discovery Session or Brand Positioning Workshop today. Call 416 986 4757 or email us. Looking forward to chatting!


Creating a new product or service?

Re-evaluating your existing brand?


A Brand Positioning Workshop is the perfect way for teams to brainstorm and evaluate their business, clarify their brand positioning, and establish an authentic direction from which to build. Facilitated by Brand Strategist Simon Burn, our workshop also creates key stakeholder alignment and encourages internal staff engagement.


You will gain a clearer understanding of your overall brand positioning, including:


Brand values


Brand personality


Brand Identity


Brand story and tone of voice


Value proposition


Brand experience / Customer touchpoints


A summary document of workshop will be provided, with the information distilled down to provide a clear strategy to move your brand forward. Once your brand positioning is in place, making decisions is so much easier!


2.5+ hour workshop for up to 10 people – $1,800


This workshop is available outside of the Toronto and GTA, but travel time and expenses will be included in the total fee. Quotes available upon request.

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